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Meetings and Workshops

Meetings and Workshops

OFF-SOURCE COST Action WG2 Workshop – Innovation Technologies


The Working Group 2 (WG2) – Innovation Technologies -Workshop on 15th May 2024 will focus on the task and deliverables of WG2 – namely a review and evaluation of the tools and methods available for OFG characterisation and the evaluation of improvement needs and best practise guidance. We will have presentations from participants on STSM outcomes related to WG2, recent surveys and applications, instrument description or method presentation, or discussion notes. In addition, we plan to split into breakout rooms for the different sub-groups we set up in WG2 to focus on the different methods and instruments for the peer-review paper, and meet back with a working plan in place to effectively and timely address the tasks of WG2. Along with that we will expand and strengthen our network and discuss synergies with the other working groups for future collaborations

  • Review tools and methods available for OFG characterisation
  • Share current advancements and STSM outcomes
  • Prepare a work plan to address WG2 tasks

A more detailed agenda will follow closer to the date.

15 May: indoor presentations and discussions related to WG2

16 May 9:00 – 15:00: field trip to the MAGUELONE EXPERIMENTAL SITE located on the Mediterranean coast

Please note that travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by COST for invited attendees according to the standard COST Action Rules.

Priority for travel funding will be given to attendees giving a presentation or demonstrating to be actively involved in WG2.

If you have any questions, contact us @

OFF-SOURCE COST Action MC Meeting 2024


The 2024 Management Committee meeting will take place in Montpellier on 14 May 2024. During this meeting, we will summarize last year’s activities and WG tasks status, as well as plan the following year.

There will also be break-out sessions afternoon in order to discuss more scientific/technical aspects with selected members, according to the need of the Action.

  • Summarize previous and future planned activities
  • Summarize each WG tasks status
  • Encourage communication and collaboration between partners
  • Discuss 3rd year plans and activities

A more detailed agenda will follow closer to the date.

09:00 – 12:00: MC Meeting

13:00 – 17:00: Core group meeting and Break-out sessions

Please note that travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by COST for 1 MC Member per country only, according to the standard COST Action Rules.

If you have any questions, contact us @

OFF-SOURCE COST ACTION WORKSHOP Unlocking Offshore Freshened Groundwater: Innovations for Water Security and Sustainability


Water scarcity and deteriorating water quality present pressing challenges that require innovative solutions. Our working group within the OFF-SOURCE Cost Action is tasked with identifying potential applications for Offshore Freshened Groundwater (OFG) systems and bridge the technological and economic feasibility gaps. This workshop will explore the key considerations including the relationship between water demand and OFG feasibility, implementing desalination technologies, and leveraging insights from the hydrocarbon industry for water applications. During each session, we will engage in discussions with relevant experts, and identify concrete steps needed to realize the resource potential of OFG.

  • Gather insights from organisations involved in water, hydrocarbon exploration, offshore engineering, and water treatment and management to discuss the feasibility of OFG;
  • Propose a range of cost-effective infrastructure solutions for OFG exploitation;
  • Define the scope of Short Term Scientific Missions to target specific technological gaps;
  • Prepare a white paper and news media article to disseminate the outcomes of the workshop.


  • Understanding the demand and quality of water for domestic, industrial, and agricultural use;
  • Evaluating the feasibility of OFG systems, considering minimum required volume, salinity distribution, and the impact of water stress.


  • Addressing the challenges of variable raw water quality through innovative solutions;
  • Conducting comprehensive cost evaluations, including infrastructure, maintenance, desalination costs, brine treatment, disposal, and regional considerations.


  • Summarizing hydrocarbon exploration technologies applicable at varying depths and their transferability to water applications.


  • Engaging in a creative brainstorming session to generate new goals, incentives, and potential areas of collaboration with organizations and companies;
  • Discussing strategies to attract more experts and stakeholders to participate in WG3 and the COST Action.

Please note that travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by COST for invited attendees according to the standard COST Action Rules.

If you have any questions, contact us @

MC Meeting

After the launch of the Action in September 2022, the first in-person Management Committee meeting happened in Valletta, Malta on 1 March 2023.

The aims of this meeting were to develop and implement an effective dissemination campaign, encourage communication and collaboration between researchers, professionals, and stakeholders responsible for water resource management in different geographic regions, promote exchange of ideas, capabilities, and experiences on the latest developments in offshore freshened groundwater research identifying current needs and future directions, involve Young Researchers and Innovators and research teams from across Europe and beyond, and encourage interdisciplinary knowledge exchange between academia, industry, policy makers and regulators.

The first Working Group (WG) Workshop happened on 2 March 2023 in the same venue. The aim of the workshop was to develop a workplan to compile a database on information on offshore freshened groundwater bodies in waters of COST Member countries, as well as available geological and geophysical data from their margins, and to generate geological models of selected margins from COST Member countries, and run hydrogeological simulations to predict the occurrence, salinity, and volume of offshore freshened groundwater.


Download the CA21112 Programme


Download the CA21112 2nd MC Meeting minutes