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OFG Database

OFG Database

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Offshore Freshened Groundwater Database

The OFG database is the result of the collaboration of the participants in the activities of Working Group 1 (WG1) of the OFF-SOURCE COST action. The information was sourced from the published literature, while other data were obtained from public databases. Importantly, WG1 participants contributed with their own data, indicating a collaborative approach to data collection and compilation. 

Due to the heterogeneity of the collected data, it was categorised into four tables reflecting the different aspects of offshore aquifers. The current compilation shows good coverage for well and core data as well as for submerged and coastal springs, while current availability of EM data is still very limited. This database compilation offers the opportunity to provide a broad and detailed understanding of the offshore aquifers in the waters of the COST Member Countries.

Or download the data as:

There are four shapefiles available, each including the different types of data listed below:

  1. well and core data;
  2. submerged and coastal springs;
  3. electromagnetic data;
  4. onshore indicators.

The coordinate system used is WGS84.