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Ariel Thomas
Ariel Thomas
WG3 Leader
Marine Geology and Seafloor Surveying
Working Groups: WG2, WG3
Ariel is a geophysicist and science communicator conducting research on the occurrence of freshened groundwater systems below the ocean floor globally. He pivoted from a career in hydrocarbon exploration and recently defended his doctoral dissertation, receiving a distinction for his work on the New Jersey shelf, USA. Currently based at the University of Malta, he continues research on offshore groundwater in New Zealand and in the East China Sea with a focus on stochastic modeling of subsurface flow properties and regional-scale numerical simulation of OFG systems. Underpinning his scientific career is a genuine fascination with Earth systems, as well as a passion for engaging a broad audience to share knowledge of the natural world. Originally from the Trinidad in the Caribbean, Ariel has lived in five countries and is committed to leveraging his international experience and network to facilitate collaborative scientific research to inform wise decision-making for responsible and sustainable development, particularly in water-stressed regions.