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Johanna LOFI
Johanna LOFI
WG2 Vice-leader
Géosciences Montpellier, University of Montpellier
Working Groups: WG1, WG2
Johanna obtained a PhD in Marine Geology and has been working in academic research for almost 20 years. She joined the University of Montpellier in 2006, working with ECORD/IODP as a research associate. She became an associate lecturer in 2019. Johanna studies geological objects at various scales and with a multi‐disciplinary approach combining seismic stratigraphy, borehole geophysics, sedimentology and core petrophysics. So far, her research mainly focussed on passive basins and margins as sedimentary archives, and on coastal aquifers and their offshore coninuation. She sailed in 2009 as a petrophysics staff scientist on the IODP Leg 313, on the New Jersey shelf.