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Damiano Chiacchieri

Damiano Chiacchieri

Home Institution: University of Roma Tre

Host Institution: University of Malta

Duration of stay (days): 16

Objectives: The main objective of this STSM would be to generate a 3D model of the carbonates of the Gela platform as a possible reservoir of fresh groundwater. The main goals of the STSM are 1) to work on deep well data from South-Eastern Sicily (focus on Gela Carbonate Platform), 2) to analyze Composite Logs and associated data (formation top, stratigraphy, facies, Electrical Logs, etc..), and 3) to assess whether the Gela platform is a possible reservoir of fresh groundwater.

Summary of the work: The target of this STSM has been the Gela Formation (located in the South-East of Sicily), a Triassic carbonate platform of shallow-water facies. As a result of Oil & Gas exploration in this area, several well Composite Logs and associated drilling reports are publicly available. The analysis of 10 chosen deep wells’ data led to an organised database with several elements (formational tops, thicknesses, stratigraphic facies, geographic position, value of ground level, and total drilling depth) ready to be used for a modelisation in the Petrel software. This allowed to build, over the whole area of interest, the Top and Base Gela Formation structural surfaces. These surfaces were further used, with stratigraphic layering, as the foundation for the construction of the preliminary 3D geometrical model.